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PROLOG Wood drip tray for Hario V60
  • Price USD 143.62

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PROLOG Wood drip tray for Hario V60 Quantity증가 Quantity감소 143.62 (  )

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PROLOG Wood drip tray for Hario V60
Making coffee brewing easier and more convenient
The Wood Drip Tray is designed to make the coffee brewing process easier. By neatly arranging a complex list of brewing tools on a wood tray that is conducive to temperature maintenance, it provides an environment where baristas can focus more on their brewing tasks.
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The best compatibility with the Hario V60 drip scale
A dedicated groove for the Hario V60 drip scale, which is central to the coffee brewing process, increases the holding force so that the barista can focus on brewing stably.
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Combination with various coffee brewing tools
Its beautiful design and wide compatibility allow it to work harmoniously with the Wood Drip Tray, even if you already have basic coffee brewing tools.
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product specification
In general, for wooden products with a vertical width of 200mm or more, 2 or 3 pieces of narrow-width lumber are aggregated to lower the cost, but PROLOG Wood Drip Tray is the highest grade among American Black Walnuts in North America. We use only wide lumber with a width of 250mm or more.
While gluing products have uneven patterns or different colors and are easily deformed by rapid environmental changes due to gluing, PROLOG wood drip trays are aesthetically resistant to warping and warping while retaining the natural beauty of solid wood.
After processing with a CNC machine for precise processing, it is sanded several times with the delicate touch of a skilled technician and finished with natural oil.
bag oatmeal color image-S3L27
bag oatmeal color image-S3L28
The value of the product has been increased by engraving the PROLOG logo with a laser, and it can be replaced with any text or logo desired by the customer.
bag detail image-S3L29
The outline of the circular groove is designed and processed with a curved surface to enhance the overall aesthetics with a soft image.
bag detail image-S3L30
bag detail image-S3L31
The lower part of the tray is designed with a 45 degree diagonal line so that it can act as a handle when moving.
bag detail image-S3L32
bag detail image-S3L33
Rubber pads to prevent scratches, slips, noise and vibrations help make coffee more stable.
bag detail image-S3L34
A dedicated dust bag for gift or storage is provided as standard.
bag detail image-S3L35

Material: Top Grade North American Black Walnut + Rubber
Finish: Belgian Rubio monocoat natural oil (the world's only VOC 0% Eurofins Gold certification by the Ministry of Environment, Fit for Food certification)
Size: Approx. W580 x D230 x H29mm
Weight: about 1800g

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